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April 25th 1971 - Fitting Out 50 - Retired

May 23rd 1971 - Swanage 80 - 3rd Place - Speed 37.8mph

June 27th 1971 - Putney Calais-Putney - 2nd Place - Speed 54.5mph

July 11th 1971 - Southern Seas Trophy - 1st Place - Speed 46.7mph

July 18th 1971 - Whitby Race - Retired, but was leading until 300yds from the finish line!

July 24th 1971 - Southend Race - Retired

August 1st 1971 - Camden Trophy - 2nd Place - Speed 34.8mph

August 15th 1971 - Welsh 100 - 4th Place

Race results 1971

May 6th 1972 - Solent 70 - 5th Place - Speed 39.7mph

May 21st 1972 - Swanage 80 - 2nd Place - Speed 37.4mph

July 9th 1972 - Southend Race - 7th place - 49.7mph

July 23rd 1972 - Camden Trophy - Retired

July 30th 1972 - Putney-Calais-Putney- Retired

Race results 1972

In 1981 the boat was raced under the name 'Piper'

In 1981 the boat, racing under the name 'Piper', owned by Eddie Perk and Patrick Eccles, now fitted with the Rover V8 engine. Eddie Perk worked at the time for Piper Cams. The colour of the boat was yellow and white.

Race results 1981

June 20th 1981 - Southern Speed Trophy -

August 9th 1981 - Brighton Marina Race -



Putney - Calais - Putney Race 1971

Driven by Keith Dallas with navigator Frank Tobet, 'Easy Rider' was the only boat to complete the full 1971 Putney- Calais-Putney race course.

31 boats set off on June 27th from the Thames Rowing Club at Putney (London). The A and B classes starting first and the other classes starting an hour later.

Weather conditions at ramsgate were deteriorating fast and there were several casualties on the first leg of the race.

Steve Baker in 'Phantom', powered by an 80hp Mercury outbord, was the first boat to reach Ramsgate. The strong southwesterly wind was increasing and the seas were becoming rougher.

The next leg to Calais would offer some shelter down to the South Goodwin Lightship, then the boats would be exposed to the full force of the wind across the Chanel to Calais.

Several of the boats turned back at this point and the organisers decided, in the interest of safety, to cancel that leg of the race. However, Steve Baker in 'Phantom', Nobby Neivens in 'Gold Hawk' and 'Easy Rider' were already past the point of recall and all made it across to Calais.

Instructions were sent to those who had arrived in Calais to remain there, but to everyone's horror back in Ramsgate, news came in that the 3 boats had decided to make the return crossing!

After battling against the worsening conditions, the 2 smaller boats turned back to Calais, leaving 'Easy Rider' to power across alone, eventually arriving in Ramsgate to a hero's welcome.

The remaining boats now raced back to London, with 'Easy Rider;' finishing second, but the only boat to complete the full course.  

Oil paintings by Michael Turner 

'Well done. I hope that dear old hull continues to hang together. I bought a 16’ Avenger from Pasco Watson’s Avenger operation in 1970. I took it to the South of France where it split open! Pascoe agreed to replace it provided I bought a 21’ boat. He talked me into having it in mauve with white upholstery and a Volvo inboard. Not my choice, but it won Boat Of the Show at the 1971 London Boat Show. I won a couple of races in it, but it was not very competitive. It didn’t take me long to work out that Cougar cats were the way forward. I had several The Aristocat, Hi-speed blade, Wiggins Teape, Penthouse Inverhouse and Penthouse Rizla. All enormously successful. The last one had four works owned 250 hp Mercuries and averaged over 69mph for the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes.


So much for my potted powerboat history which started with Easy Rider. They were great times.


Best wishes – Keith (Keith Dallas - owner of 'Easy Rider' 1971)

Displayed with kind permission of Michael Turner

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