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Avenger powerboats are well known throughout the world and have won enough races internationally to have earned the reputation of being among the fastest of all offshore powerboats. It is this distinction which has enabled the Avenger Boat Co to build up a substantial business in only three years, for the firm makes boats which are undeniably expensive but which sell because of their exceptional race-proven performance and good looks.

Founded by Pascoe Watson in February 1968, the company started by manufacturing the big Avenger 21 and 19 and achieved immediate racing success. At the 1970 Boat Show the 21 won the coveted speedboat Silver Medal (a success repeated this January), and the Avenger 16 was introduced to compete for the first time in the popular and competitive size of sea-going family runabout.

All Avenger boats are designed by Don Shead and feature the wedge-shaped hull for which he is well known. The hull has an almost constant 25 degree slope from front to back which makes for very fast boats but also allows easy and safe manoeuvring even at 40+mph or in choppy conditions. Both the deck and hull are in maintenance-free grp, stressed to absorb the battering it receives from hitting waves at speed. Even for a powerboat, the thickness and quality of finish of the moulding is exceptional. Any combination of the excellent colour range is available to the customer's specification, the choice being yellow, ochre, red, royal blue or white for the hull; black, white, red or blue for the chine-lines; and dark blue, red or black for the upholstery.

Interesting and well thought out design features include, for instance, a low profile windscreen, wrapped around the cockpit, which incorporates a central support to prevent sagging at speed. The boat has two bucket seats with an upholstered bench for three people behind. Storage space is provided in a locker under the bench seat and in stowage spaces either side of the front seats. The space beneath the floor is foam-filled to ensure permanent buoyancy. Controls, which depend on the make of engine used, can be mounted flush, and the steering wheel is a leather padded sports-car type. The Avenger 16 is available for either outboard or inboard engines.

In its first year of production about 60 Avenger 16 boats were sold, many purely as a family sporting boat but some for racing (the boat complies with Class 4 requirements). The boat has already been sold to customers in countries as far apart as Greece and the Bahamas or Australia and Scandinavia, and exports total about 25 per cent of sales. Pascoe Watson forecasts that sales will more than double this year.


Recommended price: £649 excluding engine,

Manufactured by: Avenger Boat Co Ltd

Designed by: Don Shead

Article in a 1970 Design magazine

Avenger 21


Original Drawing of the Avenger 21

Dated Dec 1968

Avenger Channel Isles

Photo kindly sent in by Duncan Walker who took his Avenger 21 over to the Channel Islands!